Gifts for Kids

Turn little scraps of fabric with kids sewing machine into tiny treasures for refrigerators, lockers, gift bags, or books. Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book and one of these fun pressed pals? Make one for a teacher, make one for a friend, and don’t forget to make one for yourself. What a great way to use scraps!
Bookmarks, Tags, and Magnets


• Pattern-sized rectangles of heavyweight fasc2fuse
• Fabric scraps
• Fusible appliqué web or
fabric glue
• Embellishments, such as glitter, buttons, chenille strips, and fabric markers (optional)
• Fancy yarn or ribbon (optional)
• Paper punch (optional)
• Magnets (optional)


Use a copy machine to enlarge the patterns 125%.
1. To fuse the body fabric to the fast2fuse rectangle.
2. Trace the desired pattern onto the fabric and cut out the shape.
3. Use fusible applique web and fabric markers to add detail as desired. Fuse the base body fabric and then layer the details on top. Make an extra copy of the desired pattern, and then cut a part the detailed pieces to use as your fusible applique patterns.
4. Add embellishments of your choice (remember that bookmarks should be flat).
5. To finish as a bookmark with a tail or tassel: Punch a hole in the desired spot with a paper punch. Loop yarn through the hole and tie, making the tail or tassel as long as desired.

To finish as a gift tag: Glue a ribbon to the back of the project or tie a ribbon through a hole made with a paper punch. Use a thin fabric marker (spot test first) to add any words.
To finish as a magnet: Glue magnets to the back of the project.
Postcards and Greeting Cards


• 4 x 6” rectangle of heavy weight fast2fuse (for a typical postcard)
• 8 x 6” rectangle of heavy weight fast2fuse (for a typical folded card)
• Fabric scraps
• Embellishments, such as
buttons, ribbon, lace, glitter, and fabric markers
• Fabric glue
• Fusible applique web (optional)
• Cardstock (optional)

1. To fuse fabric to both sides of the fast2fuse rectangle. If desired, glue card stock to one side.
2. Decorate the card as desired. Layer on embellishments of all kinds. All the cards shown are made with basic shapes or patterns from the various projects in this book. The options are limitless.
3. Add wording with stamps, paint, glitter, markers, or fusible applique.

Extra Fun!
Make cards of irregular shapes.
Make cards smell good by
dotting them with extract or scented oil (spot test first).
Layer fused fabric for dimension.

For 9 scrapbook pages, each approximately 9 x 12
1 yard heavyweight fast2fuse
2 yards fabric (or 6 pieces of fabric, ‘A yard each)
Photos and embellishments of choice
Fabric glue
Paper punch
3 large 2” metal rings (optional)
1 yard cording, W—’4” diameter, for binding (optional)
27 grommets of desired size
See General Directions for
fast2fuse, for fusing
1. Measure, mark, and cut fast2fuse into pages of the desired size.
2. Fuse fabric to the fast2fuse pages and trim the edges.
3. Mark and punch holes along the binding edge. Add grommets to these punched holes, if desired.
4. Add photos and embellishments of all sorts. Glue in place.

5. Bind the book together with cording or metal rings.
Extra Fun
Have a party and ask each guest to design one page.
Make each page look like a quilt.